Group Fundraisers


Choose a game. Sell tickets. Attend the game. Cash a check.

Groups interested in fundraising at a Tomahawks game are welcomed to do so all season long!
Using a Tomahawks game to raise money has never been easier. All you do is pick a game, sell
tickets, show up, and cash a check. Here’s how it works:

• Your group selects the game you would like to attend. Multiple games are permitted.

• Your group will have a link to pre-sell single game tickets at $12 each. The link will be
available until 24 hours prior to the start of the game.

• Your commission per ticket will be $4. Sell as many tickets as you can.

• In the weeks following your game, groups will receive their fundraising dollars from
ticket sales as well as a donation from the Johnstown Tomahawks Foundation. The
amount of the donation will be based on the number of tickets your group is able to sell.

• The JTF donation scale will go as follows: 25-49 tickets equal a $50 JTF donation, 50-99
tickets equal a $75 JTF donation, 100+ tickets equal a $100 JTF donation, 200+ equals
$200, etc.

*only the tickets purchased using your groups specific sales link will count towards your group
total. Tickets purchased using any other platform will not count, including walk-up tickets
purchased at the box office on the night of the game.

Interested groups should contact the Tomahawks office at 814-536-4625 or