In-Game Promotions Request

Due to the previous success of 50/50 & Chuck-a-Puck during the past several seasons, the Johnstown Tomahawks will begin an application process for organizations wishing to work 50/50 and/or Chuck-a-Puck during the 2020-2021 season.

Non-Profit, Community and local youth-oriented organizations wishing to participate in 50/50 and/or Chuck-a-Puck at a future game MUST submit this application to be considered. Please note that completion of this application does not guarantee your organization will be selected for a 50/50 and/or a Chuck-a-Puck date.

What is Chuck-A-Puck?

Chuck-a-Puck is a fun and unique contest at the start of the second intermission during Tomahawks home games. Fans who have purchased a single chuck-a-puck or bag of pucks will throw their puck(s) towards a target at center ice. The puck that land closest to the center of the target will receive a Tomahawks prize. Single pucks are sold for $1 and a bag of pucks is sold for $5.

What is 50/50?

50/50 is a fun and unique contest that pays off at the midway point of the third period during Tomahawks home games. Fans who purchase tickets will have a chance to win half of the sales the organization made from 50/50. Tickets are sold at $1 each at and various price increments. Prize distribution will be overseen by a Tomahawks representative.

Criteria for Chuck-a-Puck & 50/50 Sellers

· All groups will be chosen from submitted applications only.

· Must be a community, non-profit or local youth-oriented organization

· All money should be handled by an adult in the group

· Minimum of six (6) fully engaged workers at all times – with at least two adults.

· Sellers for your group must arrive at 1ST SUMMIT ARENA one hour prior to gates opening. Your Tomahawks representative will give you an exact arrival time when you are chosen to participate in a certain game.

· There can be absolutely no alcohol consumption while selling.

· Groups must pre-purchase a minimum of 70 tickets for the night they are to sell 50/50 or Chuck-A-Puck. Tickets will be at a discounted rate of $8 each. Groups may resell their tickets to supporters at an increased cost to create a ticket kickback if desired.

· Groups interested in participating in BOTH fundraisers will be required to purchase a minimum of 250 tickets.

50/50 and Chuck-A-Puck Requests