Johnstown Tomahawks Pre-Draft Exposure Showcases

What is a Pre-Draft Showcase?
The objective of these events is for our hockey staff to identify players to be drafted in the NAHL Entry Draft, tendered, and/or be invited to our Main Selection Camp where we will select our roster for the season. Additionally, these events are outstanding ways for younger players to also get on the radar of our hockey staff for the future eventually leading to potential opportunities with our team.  Pre-draft showcases/prospect camps are the best way to get in front of multiple NAHL teams and maximize ice time and exposure.

Who is eligible for a Pre-Draft Showcase?
Players aged 16 to 20 years of age are encouraged to attend a Pre-draft Showcase. Players that are not age eligible to participate in Junior Hockey cannot participate in a Pre-Draft Showcase. For our 2023 Pre-Draft showcases, hockey players born between 2003 and 2007 are eligible to participate.

Do players get drafted playing in one of the Pre-Draft Showcases? In 2021 alone, there were 9 players that played specifically for the Johnstown Tomahawks during our Pre Draft Showcases that were selected in the 2021 NAHL Entry Draft including the 1st Overall Pick.

Can players make the team if they attend a Pre-Draft Showcase and are invited to Main Camp? Yes, multiple players on our current roster attended a Pre Draft Showcase, were invited to Main Camp, and then secured a spot on the roster.

How do I register for a Pre-Draft Showcase?
The registration info for each Pre-Draft Showcase is listed below. Please click the graphic below to register for the Pre-Draft Showcase of your choice.