Book your birthday party with the Tomahawks!

Sep 20, 2019

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  • What time should our party arrive to the game?
    • We recommend arriving one hour prior to the game.
  • Where to meet upon arrival?
    • Meet in the main lobby near the box office and your party chaperone will greet you and take you to your seating area.
  • Can I bring birthday gifts to the arena?
    • Of course! Be mindful that anything brought into the arena is subject to search.
  • Can we bring in outside food such as a birthday cake?
    • Outside food and beverages are not permitted in 1ST SUMMIT ARENA. Concession options are available with purchase of a Birthday package.
  • Can I buy additional tickets?
    • Yes, additional tickets can be purchased 48 hours prior to the game. Contact your ticket representative for additional tickets. The Tomahawks staff will accommodate the seating so the whole party group can sit together.
  • When do we have to notify the Johnstown Tomahawks about the number of people in the party group?
    • Please notify the Tomahawks office 48 hours prior to the game.
  • My child has a disability. Will there be ADA accessible seating available?
    • Yes, we have multiple ADA areas throughout the arena. We will accommodate to your group.
  • Can we receive a refund if our party has cancellations?
    • Unfortunately, all sales are final. You are more than welcome to fill those cancelled seats with other people.

Note: Payment due 48 hours prior to your birthday party.