Elementary Program

Elementary Program Rules

  • 5 on 5 FULL ICE games
  • Full equipment required
  • 3 periods of 12 minutes
    • 5 minute warm up
    • 1 minute intermission between periods
  • Lines matched by skill level
    • First line will be most experienced players through third line being the least experienced
    • Special circumstances (low number of skaters for a team) will be discussed between coaches and official prior to the start of the game
  • Players will change after 90 seconds (buzzer)
    • Puck will be played from the closest face off circle to where the play was stopped
  • Clock stoppage
    • Clock will stop for penalties, offside, goalie covers, injuries and goals (Normal hockey game stoppages)
    • If a clock stoppage for play happens within 10 seconds (face off in neutral zone) or 5 seconds (in zone) the clock operator may use the buzzer to indicate a line change 
    • Games are given 60 minute time slots, if a game is approaching a time limit the clock operator should notify the officials and coaches and a running clock will be used
  • Face off locations
    • All face offs will occur at the closest circle to where the play stops
    • Offside plays will result in a face off on the neutral zone dots
    • Face offs will be at center ice following goals
  • Offside
    • Offside calls will be called on the top two lines
    • Offside calls on the third line will be optional.  Situation, coach/official digression
  • Penalties will result in the player being sent back to the player bench for the remainder of the shift (90 second change)
    • Both team must play with at least 3 skaters
    • If a player gets more then 5 penalties in a game that player will be removed from the game.