Sep 5, 2013

Shane is a high-energy, offensive player from Macomb, Michigan who has great play-making ability and has a great scoring touch! He makes the players around him better and never settles for anything less than his best effort. #77 is a lead by example type of guy, Bednard is not afraid to get his nose dirty and battle in the tough areas for the puck. A great young man who really worked hard off the ice this summer, Shane is in great shape and is looking for big things this season. He is a great teammate and we know fans are really going to enjoy getting to know #77! EXPERIENCE SHANE BEDNARD! EXPERIENCE GREAT HOCKEY!

You are #77, why did you choose that number?

SB: Junior year of high school I was going to be #7 but a senior already had it so I took #77 and it just stuck from there and it makes me stand out.

Favorite place to eat in Johnstown so far?

SB: Haven't been to too many yet but love going to Scott's as the owner's are awesome to talk to so far and the food is great!

Where do you currently live?

SB: I live in Westmont with two other players which is really nice and the family we live with are great people that make us feel at home.  They want the best for us and treat us as if we were their own kids.

Favorite movie?

SB: Favorite movie is Remember the Titans because of the adversity the players had to overcome individually and as a team to be successful.  It showed if you're determined enough to do something nothing can stop you.

Favorite music?

SB: I love country music because every song has a meaning?

What do you look forward to this season?

SB: I'm really looking forward to developing as a hockey player and know I'm going to grow a lot as a person here and can't wait to finally experience the home games that all the veterans talk about!