Trevor is a New Jersey native that came to the Tomahawks after playing last season in Corpus Christi. He is the youngest player on the team but doesn’t play like it! #6 loves to play physical and use his body against opponents. He plays his best hockey when he is strong defensively and outworking his opponents along the boards and in front of the net. Heuser has a humorous personality that keeps the team in good spirits and laughing all the time. He is finishing his senior year of high school at Richland and plans to be very active in the community all year long! EXPERIENCE TREVOR HEUSER! EXPERIENCE GREAT HOCKEY!


You are #6, why did you choose that number?

TH: I wear #6 as I Ryan Whitney is one of my favorite defense who wears #6 now.  I've also always liked any numbers with 6 in it as I was born in 1996.

Favorite place to eat in Johnstown so far?

TH: My favorite place to eat is Hong Kong Chinese Food so far as you get a ton of food!

Where do you currently live?

TH: I current'y live with the best billet family in the league up in Richland.  I live with a teammate and the family is really fun, makes us feel at home and our billet mom is literally the best cook!

Favorite movie?

TH: I love The Blind Side because it shows hor hard work and dedication pays off in the end.

Favorite music?

TH: Country music becase every song has a meaning and message to it!

What do you look forward to this season?

TH: I'm looking forward to having a long and fun season with the boys and ultimately bringing the cup to Johnstown!