Trevor is a big bodied winger from Venetia, PA who has loads of offensive ability and a nice scoring touch! He is effective along the walls protecting the puck and making plays for his teammates. One of his biggest assets is his play in front of the net, look for #28 to make a living putting goals away in the net front. A local Pittsburgh kid, he always has a smile on his face and his teammates love having him around! Trevor put in a lot of work over the summer to increase his foot speed, quickness and conditioning and it is paying off so far in camp. He will be active in the community all season long and sure to be a fan favorite with his very personable personality! EXPERIENCE TREVOR RECKTENWALD! EXPERIENCE GREAT HOCKEY!

You are #28, why did you choose that number?
I have always been #81 to pay tribute to my dad who always woe #81 for football.  I was unable to be #81 this year but choose to be #28 this year because

Favorite place to eat in Johnstown so far?
Still need to get out and eat at different places but my Scott's By Dam has been great to eat at so far and I love their buffalo chicken tacos!

Where do you currently live?
I'm living in Mineral Point with a great family and with goalie Alex Okicki! The family is really nice and the food is great here, part of the reason why I haven't ate at more places yet around town!

Favorite movie?
My favorite movie is Step Brothers as I always like a good comedy!

Favorite music?
Any rock or rap music is good for me before games as it easily gets me pumped up!

What do you look forward to this season?
I'm looking forward to playing in front of all the fans and having the opportunity to show them what I can bring to the team!