Fire and Police Gear Up for Guns & Hoses

Throughout the 2015-16 season, the Johnstown Tomahawks have provided fans unique and exciting promotions.

However, the Guns & Hoses game holds a special place in the hearts of many Tomahawks fans including Johnstown Fire Department captain Kevin Schrock.

Schrock has been involved with the charity hockey game between Police and Firefighters since its inception four years ago.

Schrock said the idea, which was hatched in 2012, started small but eventually grew into something that would turn out to big a huge addition to the Tomahawks schedule.

“Everyone from all sides including the Tomahawks and Special Olympics had significant interest in doing an event like this at some point,” Schrock said. “Police and Fire played pick up hockey together and eventually it formed into a charity game.”

The game since found a home on the Tomahawks promotional schedule and is circled on the calendar’s of players representing Johnstown Police and Johnstown Fire.

“It is definitely something that both fire and police circle and get ready for because it is such a great time,” Schrock said. “Everyone has fun out there and it is for an excellent cause.”

The game has entertained fans and this year Schrock says will be no exception as the game has become popular amongst Tomahawks fans.

“The game has generated a ton of interest from everybody, not just firemen or police officers,” Schrock commented. This is a big event for all sides and we are looking forward to playing the game again.

Another facet of the game that makes it so entertaining is the competitive, but friendly rivalry between the fire department and the police department.

“Don’t get me wrong, it is a competitive rivalry but at the same time we are ecstatic about playing for Special Olympics and we just have a great time playing out there.”

Schrock has been an instrumental figure in making sure Guns n’ Hoses exceeds expectations every years.

Over the years, the charity game has raise money for Special Olympics and Schrock commented that it has “significant funds.”

“We have been able to work with Special Olympics and we all love to get involved with them,” Schrock said.

Additionally, Schrock commented that the police department has gotten the upper hand lately but he hoping his fire team can get a victory on Saturday.

“Hopefully hose can pull out a victory Saturday,” Schrock said.

The game is scheduled for 5 p.m. Saturday afternoon. Admission to the charity game is fire with a Tomahawks ticket purchase for Saturday night’s game.

For more information, fans can call the Tomahawks office at 814-536-GOAL (4625) or head over to the SPecial Group Promotions page under ticketing on the Tomahawks website.