New Member Added to Staff

Johnstown recently added a new member to their organization. Melissa Kauffman has begun working in the Tomahawks’ front office as their new Community Relations manager. Melissa is from Windber and has loved hockey for years. Both of her sons (4 and 7) are involved in hockey teams and leagues of their own, so she is familiar with the game and how it works. Melissa has actually been involved in the organization since last year, though in a different way. She has been a fan of the team for many years, and last year, she and her husband Brian decided to step into the unknown of becoming a billet family for one of the Tomahawks players. Although there were bumps in the road at times, the experience was so rewarding that she will continue to be a ‘billet mom’ in the upcoming season, even hosting an additional second player in her home.

As the Tomahawks’ new Community Relations manager, Melissa will have many diverse responsibilities that she will be in charge of completing. She will be working as our billet coordinator with the billet families, making sure that everything is going well there, and helping them understand what they should be prepared for. Not only that, but Melissa will also be in charge of the Tomahawks merchandise for the upcoming season. In addition, she will be the game day coordinator, making sure that everything is ready to go for all the home games throughout the season and taking care of all game day promotions. Lastly, Melissa will be the Tomahawks community outreach planner. This means that every time the players make an appearance in a school or community event, Melissa is most likely behind it all!

We appreciate all the help that this newly filled position will bring to the organization, and Melissa is excited to begin this journey with the Tomahawks.