Sitting Bulls To Hold Basket Raffle This Saturday

We all know that hockey is the world’s greatest sport. One that is played from sea to shining sea and by anyone and everyone.
Additionally, the Johnstown area is fortunate to have a hockey program for disabled players. They are known as the Johnstown Sitting Bulls sled hockey team.
The president of the Sitting Bulls, Russ White, says the program plays in multiple tournaments a year and call the War Memorial home.
“We go to a lot of tournaments during the year,” White said. “ We’ve been in Michigan, Ohio and Pittsburgh..”
They also call the S&T Bank Arena in Indiana home as they do practice their occasionally, according to White.
The Sittings Bulls do not charge player fees and many other expenses association with playing ice hockey.
“The Sitting Bulls try to pay equipment and ice time costs,” White said. “That is our main goal as an organization. We want to take the cost out of playing hockey.”
If you have ever watch a Sitting Bulls play, then you know it is high-energy and fun.
“Our players find that their disabilities are not a factor,” White said. “They have a lot of fun out there.”
The Sitting Bulls are holding a basket auction during the Tomahawks home game on Nov. 26. The money collected will help the team pay equipment and ice time fees.