Tomahawks Announce 4th of July Power Play Sweepstakes Winners!

The Tomahawks are happy to announce the winners of the 4th of July Power Play Sweepstakes! From June 27 to July 3, team representatives were present at the Galleria Mall in Richland Township as part of the Fourth of July Freedom Celebration Week, sponsored by Forever Broadcasting. Fans who stopped by had the opportunity to enter to win one of 25 vouchers for a pair of Tomahawks game tickets, a Tomahawks jersey, or a Sidney Crosby Autographed Jersey.

This afternoon, ticket executives contacted all 27 winners, who are listed below.

Sidney Crosby Autographed Jersey 
Candy Sims

Johnstown Tomahawks Jersey
Jeff Solensky Two

Tickets for a Tomahawks Game
Josh Fultz Haylie Homway Dawn Stoner Savanna Simms CJ Livingston Sherry Smith Trevor Farabaugh Jen Paul Lyndsey Chaddik Barb Barbato Diane Taylor Kora Jules Melanie Rossi Robert George Garry Hinton Joshua Ensley Bob Dominick Douglas Mosley Jason McKlveen George Jones Ashley Hunt Justin Pavic Kim Huston Jazmin Nelson Hunter Oaks