Tomahawks Tower Over Generals

Feb 7, 2020

JOHNSTOWN, Penn. – The Tomahawks traveled to Massachusetts to face-off against the Northeast Generals for a two-game series

Only one minute into the period, Johnstown’s Ethan Webb scored the first goal of the game. The Tomahawks continued to light up the scoreboard with three more goals from Carson Grainer, Christian Gorscak and Pavel Kharin. Northeast got their first goal of the night with minutes left in the period thanks to Tyler Cooper, but headed back into the locker room trailing three goals behind.

During the second period the Generals were the first to score, the goal was scored by Matt Smoliga. Keeping a heavy lead over the Generals, Christian Gorscak scored his second goal of the night with the help of Matthew Doyle and Pavel Kharin. Not long after, Tristan Poissant scored the 13th goal of the season with the assist of Bennett Stockdale and Noah Basarb, giving the Tomahawks a 6-2 lead.

Another early goal was scored in the beginning of the third period by Malik Alishlalov of Johnstown. The Tomahawks Carson Gallagher scored the team’s final goal of the night, making a total of eight goals for Johnstown. Northeast’s Matt Smoliga came back for his second goal of the night, but are too far behind in goals and the Generals take a 8-3 loss against Johnstown. 


Scoring and Penalty Breakdown:

1st Period Recap


  • 00:57 JHT goal, Ethan Webb, assist: Max Kouznetsov, Malik Alishlalov
  • 03:21 JHT goal, Carson Grainer, assist: Colin Price
  • 04:48 JHT goal, Christian Gorscak, assist: Malik Alishlalov, Max Kouznetsov
  • 13:30 JHT goal, Pavel Kharin, assist: Jack Therrien, Ethan Webb
  • 18:26 NTE goal, Tyler Cooper, assist: Charlie Reid, Matt Smoliga


2nd Period Recap


  • 03:34 NTE goal, Matt Smoliga, assist: Clark Kerner, Liam McCanney
  • 14:18 JHT goal, Christian Gorscak, assist: Matthew Doyle, Pavel Kharin
  • 15:00 JHT goal, Tristan Poissant, assist: Bennett Stockdale, Noah Basarab


3rd Period Recap 


  • 04:05 JHT goal, Malik Alishlalov, assist: Carson Grainer


    • 08:25 NTE penalty, Liam McCanney, tripping (2min)
    • 08:25 NTE penalty, Dylan Schuett, boarding (2min)
    • 10:37 NTE penalty, Michael Heneghan, cross checking (2min)
    • 12:18 JHT goal, Cason Gallagher, assist: Reed Stark, Pavel Kharin


  • 16:09 NTE goal, Matt Smoliga, assist: Tyler Cooper, Ricky Boysen


Looking Ahead:

The Tomahawks and Generals will face-off again tomorrow night and see if Johnstown can get the weekend sweep.  

Next Homestand, the Tomahawks will host Jamestown on Feb. 14th for Red Out Night and Feb. 15th for Coach Letizia Bobblehead Night.

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