Sep 9, 2013

Matt comes from the Colorado Thunderbirds Midget program and continues to get better every time he touches the ice! He is a tireless skater who has a quick-release, hard shot and has a natural scoring touch. Meier never shies away from a battle and is not afraid to get to the dirty areas in front of the net to be successful. A smart hockey guy, he can be effective in many different areas and likes to play with a snarl. #7 came to camp in great shape and has been doing a great job in the community and is a very personable young man fans are sure to enjoy! EXPERIENCE MATT MEIER! EXPERIENCE GREAT HOCKEY!


You are #7, why did you choose that number?

MM: It's by birthday number and I have worn for the past few years.

Favorite place to eat in Johnstown so far?

MM: Well, I love going to the Meadows for ice cream but I really enjoy going to Scott's By Dam to eat their tacos after practice!

Where do you currently live?

MM:I live in Richland and my billets are awesome! We always have great food to eat, the family is really nice and have been very hospitable.

Favorite movie?

MM: The Blind Side is my favorite movie as it's inspiring and it's a great sports movie!

Favorite music?

MM: I like country music, my favorite country artist is probably Eli Young Band!

What do you look forward to this season?

MM: I'm looking forward to playing games in front of our fans in the War Memorial and improving as a player all year long!