Hawks Keep The Faith Alive

Jan 31, 2020

JOHNSTOWN, Penn. – The Johnstown Tomahawks hosted the Wilkes/Barre Scranton Knights during our Faith and Family Night. 

Johnstown Starters: Noah Basarab (17), Tristan Poissant (21), Bennett Stockdale (25), Matthew Doyle (26), Ryan Poorman (15), in goal Alex Tracy (35)

Wilkes/Barre Starters: John Kaljian (17), Michael Sacco (26), Zak Currie (9), Caydon Meyer (23), Jordan Strand (21), in goal Zach Stejskal (35)

Officials: Referee Kody Helbig, Linesman Cameron Giancarlo, Linesman Corey Stahl

Wilkes/Barre’s Sutton McDonald  started the scoring off with his 3rd goal of the season, assist to Shane Murphy  and Jordan Strand . Left-wing, Noah Basarab from Johnstown tied the game 1-1 with help from Tristan Poissant  and Carson Grainer.

At the start of the 2nd period, the Knights did not waste any time to grab the lead. Christopher Rubenach scores with just three minutes in, assist to Shane Murphy and Sutton McDonald. Tying up the score again for Johnstown was Noah Basarab, Tristan Poissant and Christian Gorscak with the assist. With goals from Tomahawk’s Reed Stark and Malik Alishlalov, Johnstown left the period with a 4-2 lead.

Wilkes/Barre’s Captain, Tyrone Bronte scored his first goal of the night, halfway through the 3rd period, with the assist to Zak Currie. Keeping the Tomahawks lead, Matthew Doyle took a powerful shot from the blueline, landing the puck in the net, assists Christian Gorscak and Reed Stark.

The game ended with a final score of 5-3, with Johnstown taking the “W”.

Scoring and Penalty Breakdown:

1st Period Recap


  • 08:08 WBS goal, Sutton McDonald (3), assist: Shane Murphy (20), Jordan Strand (21)
  • 13:08 JHT goal, Noah Basarab (17), assist: Tristan Poissant (21), Carson Grainer (81)


  • 15:26 WBS penalty, Caydon Meyer, Roughing (2min)

2nd Period Recap


  • 03:13 WBS goal, Christopher Rubenach (19), assist: Shane Murphy (20), Sutton McDonald (3)


    • 04:16 WBS penalty, Sutton McDonald, Tripping (2min)


  • 05:12 JHT goal, Noah Basarab (17), assist: Tristan Poissant (21), Christian Gorscak (16)
  • 10:19 JHT goal, Reed Stark (48), assist: Malik Alishlalov (22), Max Kouznetsov


    • 13:46 WBS penalty, Liam Haslam (6), Holding (2min)
    • 14:46 JHT penalty, Ethan Webb (44), Hooking (2min)
    • 17:15 WBS penalty, Spencer Kring (27), Tripping (2min)
    • 18:16 WBS penalty, Bench, served by Artur Turansky (16), Too-Many-Men (2min)


  • 19:06 JHT goal, Malik Alishlalov (22), assist: Tristan Poissant (21), Christian Gorscak (16)


3rd Period Recap 

    • 00:54 JHT penalty, Ethan Webb (44), Hooking, (2min)


  • 09:30 WBS goal, Tyrone Bronte (18), assist: Zak Currie (9)


    • 12:51 WBS penalty, Bench, Too-Many-Men (2min)
    • 15:31 JHT penalty, Carson Grainer (81), Holding (2min)


  • 18:01 JHT goal, Matthew Doyle (26), assist: Christian Gorscak (16), Reed Stark (48)



In East Division news: Maryland beats Jamestown 4-2;New Jersey fall to Maine 7-3;  with New Jersey’s big loss, Johnstown sits only 3 points behind from taking 1st place in the division.


Looking Ahead:

The Knights return to the 1st Summit Arena tomorrow night for Pucks and Prayers Night.

Next Weekend the Tomahawks will travel to Massachusetts to play the Northeast Generals for a two-game series.  

Tickets are available in-person at the 1ST SUMMIT ARENA Box Office and online at www.1stSummitArena.com/go/Tomahawks.