Pittsburgh Try-Out Camp: Update 2

May 22, 2016

Day two of the Johnstown Tomahawks pre-draft try out camp from Pittsburgh concluded Saturday evening after intense morning and afternoon sessions.

With high expectations, the players took the ice early in the morning, with the hopes of standing out in front of the Tomahawks coaching staff of head coach Mike Letizia and assistant coach Nick Shackford.

The morning session saw three games played in succession. All of the games were highly-entertaining and featured high energy players and skill players competing for a chance to come to Johnstown.

Game two of the morning session saw a scrap and plenty of big hits. The group of players that have made the trek to Pittsburgh are physical and willing to sacrifice the body to make the important play.

After a brief two hour break, all six teams made it back to the RMU Sports Center for a crucial afternoon session. This time the games were held on an Olympic ice sheet.

Playing on Olympic-sized ice allows hockey players to use their speed and gives them more room to operate and make plays.

The players did not disappoint as all three games were entertaining. All six squards have made Coach Letizia’s decisions hard ones to make.

The Pittsburgh camp concludes this morning with three games. The Tomahawks will be back on the ice next week in Novi, Michigan for the second camp of the summer. Stay tuned for the final update from Pittsburgh!